Student Car Loans & Refinancing

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Back To School can put a strain on even the most calculated budget, so why not give yourself some relieft by refinancing your car loan, with better rates and lower payments from RMAC.

You can even get up to $30,000 cash back when you refinance with Rocky Mountain Auto Credit!


Why refinance your existing vehicle?

Refinancing an existing vehicle allows you to potentially achieve a lower, more manageable payment. This often comes as a result of a lower interest rate after making consistent payments. It’s an attractive option for those who are still in love with their current vehicle, but want to breakup with their payment for something better.

How long should you wait to refinance your car after you buy it?

There is no minimum waiting period before you can refinance your car loan, but we recommend at least 1-year after buying your vehicle.

What do you need to refinance your car?

The process is quick and easy–In order to refinance your vehicle, you only need to meet the requirements of the new loan.

Are there any penalties for early payments?

Heck no, there are no penalties! Unlike a mortgage, there is no penalty for over-contributing. Pay it off early anytime, or make extra payments which go directly to the principle.

What’s a good credit score for auto refinancing?

The better your credit score, the better your rate. Nothing new there, and even if you’ve missed a couple of payments–our specialty is knowing ways to help you out. This can also have tremendous positive impacts on your credit, as we pay out your old loan in full (and create a brand new one).

Can you refinance a car loan with a different bank?

Absolutely, you’re not handcuffed to the original lender when it comes to refinancing. Many people refinance simply because they don’t like their existing bank–and they can get a better rate.

Where should you go to refinance your ride and get cashback for school?

Fill out an online application with Rocky Mountain Auto Credit and we’ll be glad to help you out! Unlike the banks, we’re here to help you get the best loan for you. And unlike the other guys, we’ll never sell your information to cold-callers.

Get up to $30,000 cash back–for whatever you need it for!

"Natalie is Amazing not only did she help my dad with getting a cheaper and better truck she helped me in refinancing my truck to get spare cash with my husband undergoes a procedure on his back. Thank you so much for everything😊"
Kim Paquette
"Natalie from RMAC is a amazing person to deal with. she is kind and courteous and always looking for the best possible deal out there. I dont feel like a client with her but feel like a friend."
Rick Williams
"Rocky mountain auto credit is amazing! I never expected to get a vehicle this fast! I'm literally sitting here in Winnipeg right now with my new car and I couldn't be more excited!! Thank you so much Natalie for going above and beyond for me. My girls are so happy too. This is a life changing experience."
Shannon Webiski
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