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At Rocky Mountain Auto Credit, we work to take the burden of your credit score off your back, and help you get started on the path to a better one. By setting you up with a car loan that works for your individual circumstances, we not only assist you in getting a car that fits your wants and needs, but also in helping you develop your credit score and reputation.

We do business like this because we believe in opportunities, in growth, and in people. Nothing great was ever accomplished without this belief behind it, and we don’t see any reasons why this principle shouldn’t apply to our industry every day. That’s why we help everyone find their potential, and capitalize on it, through car loans, credit score development, and our faith in the people behind the numbers.

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With all of the challenges you face every day, we believe that your credit score shouldn’t be another one. You have people to see, bills to pay, deals to close, and dreams to chase, and we see a new car loan as an opportunity for making all of these things happen, not as yet another barrier.


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Congratulations! Once you’re approved, it’s time to pick out your new vehicle and drive it off the lot today!

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we see you as a person

Common wisdom says that you need credit in order to build credit. But how do you take the first step if your credit score is standing in your way? A lot of people are scared off by this ‘credit paradox,’ but there are ways around this vicious cycle. What’s one of the best ways to develop a better credit score? Through regular credit payments, such as on a car loan

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